alt="requirements for evoa bali" Requirements for Bali EVOA

Bali eVOA Requirements

Requirements for Bali eVoA Application

Bali electronic visa on arrival involves meeting certain requirements. Fortunately, Indonesia online visa application was designed to be as straightforward for travelers as possible.

Bali EVOA application has eliminated the need to visit the Indonesian embassy or consulate. Firstly, applicants should make sure that they are eligible for the Bali electronic visa. Next, it will be necessary to get familiar with the required documents.

The necessary documents were reduced to a minimum. Basically, a valid passport and an applicant's face photo are the only documents needed.

Moreover, for a successful application, it is essential to have access to a valid means of online payment, an active email address as well as a working electronic device with a stable Internet connection.

To enter Indonesia, travelers should prepare a printed copy of the approved visa, a valid passport, and an outbound ticket.

A holder of a Bali visa must remember can use it for 5 years from the date of issue. The visa enables a 60-day stay in Bali (per visit).

Bali eVOA required documents

There are only two documents that must be submitted when applying for the Bali electronic visa on arrival. These documents include:

  • a bio-data passport page digital copy (clear, legible, with all four corners visible)
  • an applicant's face photo

Note: Photos or scans of the required documents can be simply taken using a smartphone or PC web camera. There is no need to worry about the sizes of the scanned documents. Our visa experts will adjust the received files.

Should some additional documents be necessary to provide, our support team will contact you. If you have some doubts regarding documents or the Bali visa application, you can contact them as well.

Other requirements

Apart from the required documents, applicants need to have access to:

  • an active email address
  • a working electronic device (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone)
  • stable Internet connection
  • a valid method of online payment (PayPal, credit/debit card, etc.)

Documents required on arrival

Upon arriving in Bali, make sure that you have ready the following:

  • a physical copy of your valid visa for Bali
  • a passport that you used when applying for an Indonesian visa
  • an outbound ticket

Aldo, please bear in mind that you may be asked to present additional documents such as your travel itinerary, proof of sufficient funds for your planned stay in Bali, etc.